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Krazy Kon is an internationally acclaimed DJ, a CD series producer and a club & concert promoter. He is an an innovator, a creator, a legend who bas been at the top of his industry for 20 years now and in this time has built an entertainment empire and created his legacy.

As a DJ his work is known around the world having headlined club events & festivals nationally and internationally. He has played 11 shows in America including appearances in Los Angeles, San Francisco New York, Chicago, Boston & Tampa. He has also played 4 shows in Wellington, New Zealand. In Australia he has played over 125 shows in the last 12 years across every city including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart & Townsville. In his hometown of Sydney he has played over 500 gigs.

As a Producer and from his ideology has spanned the iconic ‘GREECE’ CD series.  The CD series has shaped the Greek music we listen to today and broken all records & barriers. He has to date released an incredible 17 albums with his CD series now available worldwide on iTunes. Krazy Kon remains the only Greek DJ in the world outside of Greece to have his very own CD series.

As a Promoter he has hosted  over 300 club events in Sydney’s elite venues and has led the Greek nightlife movement with innovative concepts, artists & venues. In recent years he has also promoted successful tours for overseas artists such as Vegas, Master Tempo, Stavento, Nikos Ganos, Sarbel & The Kings Of Mykonos with Nick Giannopoulos.

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